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Last Days Bible Testimonies

"As a pastor I appreciate the Last Days Bible because it is a clear, simple and God-honoring translation, and is faithful to the spirit of the Greek text. It cuts through the smog of the last century "easy believism". The Last Days Bible tends to create a powerful motivation for effective witnessing and soul-winning."

Rev. James Watt
Tacoma, WA

"The Last Days Bible has renewed within me the call to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. There is a new determination to run the race to the end, and to remain purely devoted to Jesus Christ without compromise. As a mother, the Last Days Bible and its comprehensive notes are a daily handbook for training my children in the faith. We are without excuse; the truth of God's word is plain and simple with this new translation."

Susie Jorgenson
Fox Island, WA

"I am very well read and have no trouble understanding Shakespeare and the King James Version. However, it can be quite intimidating when you are on a spiritual pursuit. I found the Last Days Bible to be a surprising aid in helping me in my Christian walk. I could easily understand the Gospel. The questions I would normally have were not there--now it isn't necessary to have someone come in and explain the meaning to me. I could, with the help of the Holy Spirit, rely upon my own interpretation [understanding] and have found this to be a tremendous blessing. This has become 'my' Bible. I carry it wherever I go."

Saahara Glaude
Lifetalk 850 WYDE
Birmingham, AL

"In my thirty years of broadcasting I have seen many Bibles come my way. This is one of the best if not the best. One of the things I like about the Last Days Bible is that it is so easy to read. As someone who has suffered from Dyslexia most of my life it's pretty important that I have material that is pretty comprehendable and understandable. I found The Last Days Bible fits my need perfectly. I work with a lot of people who have reading disabilities and this fits them to a "T". Thank you Ray Johnson for The Last Days Bible. I think even King James would enjoy it!"

Tim Berends
St. Louis, MO

"As a 25-year lover of the King James version of the Bible I have found The Last Days Bible a refreshing anointed version of scripture. My favorite scriptures took on a new depth of significance. The truth of the word of God became a new revelation of God's grace and love. I am looking forward to reading the Old Testament in such an awesome translation."

Jerry Meis
Edmonds, WA

A Christian bookstore manager..."It seems to me that something is missing in many of the new easy-to-read translations. But this is not true with The Last Days Bible."

Do you have questions about the end times? Antichrist? Bible prophecies?

The Last Days Bible has answers!

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